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Snacking Around the World: Our Fave Corn-free Asian Snacks

After school snacks can become so monotonous – especially when you’re limited to the same old same old packaged snacks filled with random and non-wholesome ingredients. Which is why we’re turning to Asia for a little snack-spiration! We’ve compiled four of our favorite recipes to make next snacktime that are corn-free, tasty, and may just inspire a K or J drama binge! 

Japanese Onigiri

These triangle shaped rice balls are the go-to snack for Japanese kids and college students – and they couldn’t be easier to make at home! All you need is short-grain rice and water! After that, how you choose to spice them up is up to you! You can wrap your onigiri in seaweed, can fill them with tuna or salmon, or even a curry egg mixture – the sky's the limit! 

Discover the recipe here

Chinese-Inspired Spiced Cucumber Salad

If you’re more partial to spice and have been looking for a nice and refreshing summer-time treat, this cucumber salad is the perfect solution. Made with only a few simple ingredients, you can whip this up as a side to any meal or as a midday snack. 

Discover the recipe here

Taiwanese Green Onion Pancake

A classic street food, these green onion pancakes are that perfect mix of crunchy, savory, and delicious! What we love most about this recipe is how jam packed with greens it is! Even kids who are averse to eating their veggies may find a new favorite in these savory pancakes. 

Discover the recipe here

Korean Mini Kimbap

A school lunch classic now turned mini, these kimbap are a good go-to for afterschool snacks. They’re refreshing, filled with an assortment of veggies and protein, wrapped in a crunchy seaweed, and incredibly easy to make! Personally, we like to make these slightly ahead of time so that the kids can enjoy them at any point between getting back home and dinner time. 

Discover the recipe here

(As always, these recipes are completely adjustable according to your tastes and allergies!)

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