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The 7 Best of European Snacks

It’s snack time! And can you blame us? Whether it’s a delicious cookie you dip into your afternoon coffee or a bag of chips you just can’t put down, it’s a universal truth that snacks are too good. The only issue is that the American snack aisle is a monotonous array of high fructose corn syrups and artificial flavorings, so today, we’re going to tell you about our seven favorite European snacks that all happen to be corn-free as well! (Any corn derivative, as featured in our ongoing list here, is written in parentheses).

First, why are we jumping the pond and heading to Europe? Well, believe it or not, European snacks are much simpler than American snacks, and that has to do with the regulations the European version of the FDA has placed. Europe has currently banned over 2000 ingredients that have been linked to cancer and other such adverse health effects (such as artificial coloring (i.e., Red 40), Titanium dioxide (also known as E171); Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) (E443); Potassium bromate (E924); Azodicarbonamide (E927a), and Propylparaben (E217)). All of this basically means you can snack away on foods whose ingredient lists mimic what you’d make in your own kitchen, and feel good knowing your little sweet treat has simple ingredients that taste good!

  1. Stroopwafel: A classic from the Netherlands, these sweets are characterized by their caramel-centered flattened waffle-type sandwich. (Contains: Vanilla Extract - last time we checked the alcohol was not corn derived)

  2. Toblerone: You probably already know this Swiss chocolate by its unique shape. (Contains: Honey - last time we checked the honey was all natural, but you might want to double check)

  3. 7 Days Pizzeti: If you love bagel chips and pizza, oh boy, does Bulgaria have a snack for you.

  4. Taralli: You probably didn’t think crackers were about to be your fav go-to snack, but these Italian olive oil crackers are so addictive that they’ll probably all your usual suspects on your charcuterie boards this summer!

  5. Torres Potato Chip: We all know Spain for their tapas and Iberico ham, but the real hidden gem of Spanish snacks is their delicious chips, and these classic olive oil versions are the perfect level of crunchy - tasty enough to eat right out of the bag or with your fave dips or even to accompany elevated dishes like tuna tartare!

  6. Cherchi’s: Made with only rosemary water, semolina, sea salt, yeast, and olive oil, these crackers are paper thin and so crisp – and if anyone knows how to make flour-based products well, it’s Italians!

  7. Sardinia’s Crispbread: Charcuterie lovers gather round! This Italian crispbread is a must for your next dinner party. Our fav way to eat this? Paired with a perfect soft cheese and honey!

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